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  • open from any device, no installation needed
  • no development required
  • no upfront fees, just pay as you go


  • Bespoke micro-apps for start-ups and small businesses

    Leave the chaos of social media posts and comments behind. Introduce a simple order flow and tracking system using a Teeq micro-app. Share as a link in any customer communications.

  • For small and specialist retailers

    The easiest way to start selling online without investing in building an expensive online store. A Teeq micro-app provides you with the latest mobile functionality for maximum flexibility in these unprecedented times. No upfront payments, cancel any time with no penalties.

  • For hospitality businesses

    Is lockdown restricting your business? No diners, no waiting staff? Are you thinking about introducing online ordering for takeaway business? A Teeq micro-app is the simple way to start. No upfront investment, no risk. Ready to start today.

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