Your next mobile app
is not an app

You do not need to waste time and resources to connect online solutions. Just download your teeq and start your business online right away.

teeqs are small interactive blocks that replace complex mobile applications, but for one concrete task. Open on any device without installation. Saved without registration. Always just yours until you share and allow you to connect to them to make things done together.

Do not waste time on difficult decisions. Teeqs are relevant, simple, and fast.

Take a step forward with us. Ready-to-Use Solutions or contact us to develop Custom Solution based on our unique teeqs technology.

Do you need a complex mobile solution for simple tasks?

Doing business with teeq-solutions is simple and straightforward. Choose a ready-made teeq-solution template. Adjust content for your business. Post the link on your website with our help if needed. Your business is ready to work online!

Attach as a link to Instagram, add to your ads, send it to customers, make a QR-code and place it on your page, door, menu, store, salon, etc.

Get 1.5-2 times more attention, contacts, and orders from your customers directly via their mobile devices and pay only for the result.

Ready-to-use solutions for different needs

Now every business is adapting to the pandemic conditions. So we decided to create first replicated teeq-solution for small shops, catering and start-ups.

So, if your business or start-up needs help to entry the online/ e-commerce, please, contact us. We are confident to find a quick and simple solution for your business that doesn't require a lot of time and resources.

Coming soon

We are working on new solutions to help businesses of any size and geography work effectively with mobile customers. Please, write us if you want to try first.


Contactless interactive menu to make orders via mobile phone


Appointment making via mobile phone

About us

One day each of us picked up a mobile phone and realized that it is much more than just a phone for calls and SMSes.

Every day we discover new actions that are more convenient to do with the phone. Not just because it is a smart phone, but also because it is with us everywhere and always.

And we.... we meet something new all the time. Something we are not always ready for. For what we do not have a mobile application.

We want our phone to open for us things around. Easily connect with what we see, memorize what we want to use: restaurant menu, assortment of the store, appointment for a haircut or to the doctor.

That's why we came up withteeqs. Small superfast interactive blocks that can turn any service into an interactive unit on your phone. It's simple and fast. Without installation and registration. Order, receive, deliver, get a discount, make an appointment.

Who are "we"?

We are a the Teeqer team.

We are probably typical representatives of a new generation of startups: all with experience from different fields: programmers, digital architects, marketers, owners of small own projects or businesses.

We are ex-colleagues from corporate life, just friends or old acquaintances, scattered by fate in different cities and countries. But trust proven by the time, variety of interests and experiences gained in different countries and cultures are key pillars in creating a strong team. Our successes were born from the idea of one person, the opinion of others and the common passion to experiment: "Why not try?"

For whom we created our teeqs?

For several years we have been creating simple solutions in the field of e-commerce: online orders, promotions, registration for participation in events. These were software solutions for large corporations, tailored for each specific unique task.

But.... unexpectedly appeared famous COVID-19, unusual words "pandemic", "threat of a new wave", “lockdown’’ and many things began to change rapidly. Great part of our simple routine life became impossible or inconvenient. The pandemic crisis hit small businesses in a quick and painful manner, because neither local shop around the corner nor café or farm were ready to even imagine the situation when their customers would not be able to come to them.

That was the moment when a new idea was born based on our existing solutions and our experience. A simple, free, ready-to-use solution to support most vulnerable category of small businesses (small retail, farmers, cafes, salons etc), to help them go immediately online for contactless service. After all, what would you do when you do not have any funds, your store or restaurant is closed, and you are not ready to create from scratch a full online store or menu-to-order. There must be a simple solution.

But what could be more mobile, contactless and faster than ordering services via mobile phone? Without complex applications and registrations?

So was born our “teeq”- a small interactive block that solves one specific online task (order, record, menu). It does not need to be downloaded; you do not need to buy it. It is a cloud-based solution without a website for a “quick order" from assortment or menu, which via direct link on the phone will be seen by any customer, providing him with an ability to order and arrange delivery, track the order status. And for the business owner – to confirm availability, collect, charge, and deliver.

Take a step forward with us!

The order-teeq | project is not our only project, but the favorite, because we are sure that with our solution it is possible to significantly support small business today, give owners the opportunity to be flexible, ready for any lockdowns without losing their current and potential customers. As well as gaining experience in online sales. Because progress is moving in one obvious direction: quickly, simply, mobile.

Join us! Ours the ready-to-use teeq-solutions are accessible, friendly and simple, just as is our support!

Sincerely yours, Teeqer Team

Your ambitious goals can be solved with a simple technology

For several years we have been creating simple and comprehensive solutions for e-commerce: online campaigns, promotions, registration for event participation. These projects have been designed for large corporations, tailored for the needs of each specific unique task.

We are confident that with our interactive technological blocks we can create a solution targeting online problem of any scale.

Do you have ambitious ideas, but need a suitable and flexible solution? Please, contact us. We are happy to tell you more and discuss the possibilities of using teeqs specifically for your business.

Discover more about teeqs, their efficiency and capabilities.

Please watch our video presentation about a wide range of teeq capabilities for business and its effectiveness.