Take orders online without a website 24/7 at no cost to business*

Teeqer micro-app lets its customers order your products just like from a native mobile app. They simply place their orders and communicate with you straight from their smartphone: drag, tap, share, etc. No downloading or logging-in though!

* Currently £1/€1 for each new order received by a business

The ideal solution for small retailers and startups without setting up a full-scale online store

Give your customers a new way to make quick purchases online. Our teeq-solution allows shoppers to make their shopping list and send it to your store from their mobile phone. Customers can choose from a list of your most popular products or even suggest unlisted products.

Shop owners receive alerts about incoming orders on their phone or tablet. They check availability, offer alternatives if required and confirm final order for payment.

A perfect solution for all small retail: a market stall, a fishmonger, a butcher or a baker. Maximum convenience for new shoppers

Teeq is a new way for your customers to make quick purchases online. With no installation required, teeq allows customers to access your products in seconds, from any device and without registration.

Place the teeq app QR-code at the checkout in your store, send a message to your subscribers, post as a link in any of your social media posts. That's all you need to do to spread the word and get people buying online.

Start selling online today with no upfront investment

With a Teeq there’s no need to create a fully operational online store with a huge product range. A simple micro-app will allow you to start taking orders within a day without paying any set-up fees.

The retailer is charged a flat £1 fee for every order submitted regardless of size.

How do I calculate how much to pay?

We automatically monitor all received customer orders* with Teeqer tracking system. Each client's teeq is unique so there is no scope for error. *a received order is defined as one that is sent to you by a customer from https://app.teeqer.com/yourstorenamehere/order.

*a received order is defined as one that is sent to you by a customer via teeq.

How do I pay for using my micro-app?

Payment is monthly in arrears. You will receive a report showing the number of orders made via your teeq along with an invoice for payment every first day of a calendar month.

Payment must be received within 14 days from the invoice being issued.

If payment is not complete within 14 days, your teeq will be disabled for the next 15 days.

How do I stop using my teeq?

You can stop using your teeq at any time. You will only pay for the orders you have already received. No penalties.

Can I adjust a teeq’s design to suit my requirements better?

While designing Teeq it was our main idea to reduce the set up time so it has only necessary customisation options (content). Larger scale customisation is possible but will incur additional fees. Our team will estimate the time required and provide a quote before starting any customisation work.

Can teeq work with my domain?

Yes, this option is available if you have ‘Business ’or ‘Enterprise ’service rate. For Freemium (pay for results only) links are available on our domain https://app.teeqer.com/yourstorenamehere.

I already receive orders by phone, messenger and email. Can I use teeq to keep all my order messages in one place (i.e. in teeq)?

You can use teeq to do this by creating a new order on behalf of the customer inside our system. Remember that your micro-app will be there available to your customers 24/7/365 so you’ll never again miss a call!

In my online shop I have a very large product range. Is it possible to upload it to my teeq automatically as a file or a link?

Teeq is not designed to replace a full on store with a heavy workload to manage. For a full e-commerce solution our team would suggest shopify.com or wix.com. Teeq is designed primarily to build your footfall using your most popular product categories.

Keeps it simple and fast for you and your customers!

Can I accept bank card payments through teeq?

Yes, online payment options are being developed. Your teeq will accept card payments using Stripe. A retailer sets up their own Stripe account and connects it to the teeq. Your payments remain yours.

Can I install a teeq directly in my online store (like a chatbot)?

We will be introducing this feature quite soon, it is currently in the testing process. We will notify our customers as soon as it gets validated.

I haven't received a response for my application.

We respond to all of the applications within one working day. Your unique micro-app shall be ready just in a day or two, along with the full set of the associated links. If you don’t receive a response within 1 day, please contact us by email team@teeqer.com.

The link to my teeq doesn’t work

Our team would recommend checking your internet connection first. If it looks just fine and your teeq still malfunctions, please contact us by email team@teeqer.com and we'll find out what the problem is.

How do I contact your team if something goes wrong with my teeq or I would like to offer some suggestions?

You can can contact us via team@teeqer.com. We usually respond throughout the workday. If it comes out to be a mistake we will fix it instantly.

If it is a proposal or a request, we will surely take a note of it. Our development team collects such suggestions on a weekly basis in order to create a development tasks list. Your idea could be one of the points! We assemble all of the significant changes and upgrades to release within regular teeq updates.

If you are looking for a personalised solution just ask for one — our team is always there to help. We will let you know if any additional fees are there to be incurred. There are no hidden costs with Teeqer.

Get started

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